iHeart Prom Dress Drive


iHeart Prom Dress Drive

Photo Mar 11, 2 27 51 PM-min

If you somehow missed our countless Facebook posts, signs around town and in schools, and our TV and Radio spots, then you might have missed out on one our favorite events that we do! Every year Jim Massey’s proudly partners with the River Region United Way, Montgomery Public Schools, and so many others, to pull together an event that will not be easily forgotten.

The iHeart Prom Dress Drive was held this past Saturday, March 12th from 8:00am until 12:00pm, at The City of St. Jude Gymnasium. Our stores managed to collect 2,519 dresses that had been donated from all of the wonderful people in our area! That is the largest number of dresses we have ever collected since we started doing this event in 2009!

As our volunteers and workers for the day of the event started to arrive at 7:00am to get ready for the big day ahead, there was already a line of eager girls going down the sidewalk of Hill Street, waiting patiently to get in and find the dress of their dreams. And the best part? These dresses were completely FREE! Each one of these dresses had been cleaned and pressed by our company before Saturday, and sized out to make their search easier. With 2,519 dresses, you know we had sizes of every size, color, style, length, everything! We had sizes 0 to 20+, so it made the search that much better!

You can only imagine how excited these girls were to take home such beautiful gowns, and we know we were excited to give them the opportunity to attend their prom, AND look beautiful while doing so!