Pickup & Delivery

Jim Massey’s will be happy to pick up and deliver your laundry and drycleaning from your home or office – at no extra charge!

Our Pickup & Delivery Team

Jim Massey’s Pickup & Delivery Team

No, you do not need to be present at time of delivery – in fact, most of our customers are not.

We will set you up with a charge account. At the end of the month, simply review your bill and pay. You will be provided a bag with a bar-coded luggage tag attached that identifies the bag as yours. The bar code supplies your starch preference, shirts on hangers or folded, khakis dry cleaned or laundered, and any other special requests. There is also a communication pouch attached to your bag. Use this pouch to leave us any notes, coupons, or any item specific instructions.

Pick a place where you would like for us to pick up and drop off your cleaning – for instance: the garage, carport, utility room, back screen porch, or pool house. But the most popular place is to hang them either on the front door or the back door. We will furnish you with a removable door hook or we will install one permanently. Place your bag of dirty clothes at the drop point and we will pick them up on your assigned day.

We will come to your house either every Monday & Thursday or every Tuesday & Friday. What we pick up on one day will be delivered back to you clean and pressed on your next scheduled day. If you forget to put your bag out, just drop it by any of our 12 locations and we will deliver it back to you on your next scheduled day.

Fill out the following form to sign up for, or get more information about, Drycleaning Express. Jim Massey’s will contact you!