How Jim Massey’s Express Delivery Works

Jim Massey’s will be happy to pick up and deliver your laundry and drycleaning from your home or office – at no extra charge!

If you have ever wondered just how easy it can be to handle all of your cleaning needs just watch this video. Jim Massey III and John Massey explain exactly how Jim Massey’s Cleaners can save you time and effort by picking up and dropping off all of your items at your home or office, and best of all the pick up and delivery are totally FREE!

Jim Massey III and John Massey do ALS ice bucket challenge

Jim Massey III and John Massey took a break from cleaning to take the ALS ice bucket challenge to raise awareness of ALS. You can donate to the ALS association at Be sure to check out the full video here

Bring Us Your Hangers!

hanger-recycle-bbHelp us keep 10 million hangers (300 tons of steel!) out of U.S. landfills by recycling your hangers. Drycleaning customers worldwide are helping reduce the number of hangers that go into the nation’s already-stressed landfills. It’s as simple as bundling used hangers and bringing them to a Jim Massey’s location near you.